Donna Gilberto
50 Wellington Village Dr. Unit #24
Bristol, NH 03222

CPI Computer Processing Institute, East Hartford, CT - Technical School

Tunxis Community College, Farmington, CT - Computer Science AA
St. Petersburg Junior College, Clearwater, FL - Associate of Science, Computer Sciences
*While working for the companies listed below, I was sent to classes for new products and was certified for machines and software.


Web Development White Mountain Web Bristol, NH 1998 Present
I create static and dynamic enabled web sites. Web sites are remotely hosted containing HTML code, CSS, feedback forms, images, server-side scripts, DB, e-commerce, logo creation, FLASH animation and Intro pages.
Knowledge of networks and servers allows me to setup services such as domain registration, ISP selection, moving web sites to other locations, site development, site redesign and maintenance for customers with existing sites.

Focus on: Web design, maintenance and account setup for local businesses. Software and tools used: CSS/ Cascading Style Sheets, Front Page, Dreamweaver, HTML, Photo Impact, FLASH, JAVA Applets, Fireworks, Data Base Applications, e-commerce solutions.

Senior Systems Engineer GTE Corp. - Tampa, Florida 1994 - 1998
PC/LAN Support, client/server support. Responsibilities included the installation and maintenance of personal computers and their associated server control. Additional duties included the administration of Banyan Vines servers as well as the configuration management of associated workstations. Web design and maintenance on group sites. Tools used: Front Page, HTML using Notepad and Word.

LAN Support Specialist - Time Customer Service - Tampa, Florida 1992-1994
Novell LAN, software and hardware support, for more than 200 mission-critical business and privately owned PC systems. Designed, prepared materials, and taught end user classes for several commercial software packages such as Windows 3x, Netscape, OS/2 and Network File System (NFS) from the Novell network to UNIX based systems. Performed system upgrades and repairs for Novell Servers and peripheral devices.

Senior MIS Technician - City of Pinellas Park - Pinellas Park, Florida 1991-1992
Returning to the City of Pinellas Park as a Senior MIS technician, support of AS/400 operation. User support on Word Perfect, Lotus and any hardware/software problems that occurred. Current project had involved the setup, installation, maintenance and training of personnel for a CD-ROM Research LAN in the City Library.

Customer Engineer - IBM Corporation- Tampa, Florida 1990-1991
Customer Engineer position utilized my diagnostic experience to repair IBM and non-IBM machines. Equipment included: PS2 Family of PC's, XT's & AT's, system controllers, LAN- token ring, mini-mainframes, i.e. AS/400 systems, all IBM and non-IBM system printers. Operating systems included DOS, OS/2, and Windows 3.x.

MIS Technician - City of Pinellas Park - Pinellas Park, Florida 1989 - 1990
MIS Technician on the IBM System 38. Job entailed running application backups, routine system maintenance, configuring new or moved devices attached to the system, ensuring the operation and maintenance of all computer equipment, trouble shooting all communications equipment failures and taking corrective action.

The Hartford Insurance Group - Hartford, Connecticut

Local Area Support Resource 07/89 - 1/89
First level of support to the customer in areas of hardware and software installations. Responsibilities included installation and problem management; change control; performance availability; operational, educational, and administrative support.

Supervisor Computer Operations 06/86 - 7/89
Senior Computer Operator 1/86 - 5/86
Computer Operator 7/85 - 12/85
Assistant Computer Operator 1/85 - 6/85
Quality Controller Distribution Department 4/83 - 12/84