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White Mountain Web Design
Address: 50 Wellington Village Dr. #24 Bristol, NH 03222
Tel: 603-744-9555
Email: dgilberto@metrocast.net
Lead Designer / Owner: Donna Gilberto
Class Testimonials
My First Class was Sponsored by The Newfound Chamber of Commerce

"Without the class I took with Donna and her help I wouldn't be able to maintain this web site"

"Your class , How To Design and Maintain Your Own Web Site, which I took between January 5 – February 23, 2006 in Bristol, was fantastic. I went in to the class knowing nothing about web design and came away pretty well versed. I still have a lot to learn but you gave me the basic skills and then some. I hope you continue this class as I am sure there are a lot of people looking for this type of information..
If I might suggest one thing, it might be helpful to include a bit more on using templates and how to set them up with links etc. This is one area I am struggling with.
Please feel free to use my site, ravaenwoodcreations.com in your future classes as it was created while I was taking your class.
Keep up the good work."

“I heard about White Mountain Web Design offering the class through the Bristol Chamber of Commerce. I had no prior web design experience, though I knew a bit about computers. The class size was small enough to allow for individual project time, conversation and solid, organized information. Some folks had a lot of computer and web experience and others had none. Donna did an amazing job of keeping everyone on track while teaching at all levels within the same class time. She is quite a magician! The result was an exciting and very interesting learning environment for all which allowed for the development of web sites for each student. I was so pleased with her abilities that I couldn’t wait for the next level class to start and hired her to help me expand my site! I highly recommend the class and my hat goes off to Donna Gilberto who is a warm and brilliant teacher with a passion for computers, web design and sharing a much needed gift in the Newfound Region.”

"I recently completed "How to Design and Maintain Your Own Web site", a course offered by the Newfound Region Chamber Of Commerce. I found the course's subject matter to be most informative. The instructor, Ms. Gilberto, is extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter. Additonally, the student/teacher ratio was excellent.
Ms. Gilberto handled all questions that arose with the utmost of professionalism.
In conclusion, I found that taking this course was well worth my time and effort
and has provided me with the skills to design and maintain my own web site."

Tom Gumpp 03/06/06

Future Classes and Dates Coming Soon.

Call 603-744-9555 or email us today. mailto:dgilberto@metrocast.net
"We are committed to Global and Community Services"

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